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Multi-Drug Resistance and the Mechanism of Orlistat-Induced Cell Death

Nanocrystalline Dye-Sensitized Solar Energy II

Natural Human Interface for Technology

Now You See It, Now You Don't

Number Theory Meets Algebra

Optimization of the Water Flow Rate in a Clean Energy Electrostatic Power Generator

Optimizing the Chicken Soup Can

Optimizing the Efficiency of Home Hydropower

Osmosis and Diffusion

A New Perspective with a Digital Pinhole

Beclin I:A Novel Marker to Evaluate Human Islet Quality

Acid vs. Teeth

Antibody Based Analysis of Digestive Enzyme

Are Bees Most Attracted to the Fragrance, Taste, or Color of a Flower

Association between Heart Disease Risk Factors

Bacteria: Don't Love It, but Leave It

Banana DNA Extraction

Bug Appetite

Can Kites Go Low

Catalytic Decomposition

Cereal Effects on Blood Glucose

Characterizing the Role of Arachidonic Acid-Derived Eicosanoids in Breast Cancer

Comparing the Results of Blood Glucose Meters

Computational Prediction of Beta Structure

Determining the Relationship between Lift and Wind Speed

Do Rose Additives in Water Make Drinking

Does Age Affect the Size of a Person's Blind Spot?

Does the pH Level of a Liquid Affect the Solubility of Aleve

Effect of a Magnetic Field and Applied Voltage

Effect of Mascara on Contact Lens Disinfection

Effect of Music Tempo on Spider Webs

Effect of pH on Lactase

Effect of the Angle of a Blade on the Voltage Output of

Effect of Water Level on the Altitude of a 2-Liter Water Rocket

Effects of Glucose on Insulin Receptor

Effects of Moisture and Temperature on the Movement of Snails

Ethanol Sources and Yields

External Orange Damage

Falling Faster

Free Weights Does Bicep Size Indicate Endurance

From Mud to Electricity

Fuel Go Boom

Future Fuel

FVC Living with Smokers/Non Smokers

Gas of the Future

Generating Power Using Micro-Hydroelectric Generators

Get More Hydrogen from Your Water

Glassic Music

Got Mold?

Harvesting Healthy Energy from Exercise

Healing Power: Past or Present

Home Is Where the Heartburn Ends

Hovercraft Mania

How Do Varying Amplitudes

How Does Electromagnetic Radiation Affect A Colony of Harvester Ants

How Does Hydra littoralis Regenerate

How Does Shading Affect the Power Output of Different Solar Panel

Hummingbirds and Flower Preference

Hydrogen Production

Identifying Two Populations of Neurons

Improving Elevator Scheduling Efficiency

Investigating the Effectiveness of Natural Pesticides

Is Green Clean or Mean?

Is It Easy Being "Green"?

Is the C or Assembly Programming Language Better

Longevity and Diet

Marco Polo

Mathematical Approaches to a Neat Problem

Maximum Angle of Attack Before Stalling

MgCl(2) Stimulating Effect on Osteogenesis

Motion Detection Algorithm

Pick-Up the Pace

Power House

Project Zier

Proving Universal Gravitation by Warping Space-Time

Red Clawed Crabs

Reflexes through the Ages

Rotating into the Future of Flight

Run from the Runoff

Semantic Image Retrieval

Sharing Spectrum the Smart Way

Sink or Float

Soy: Carcinogen or Prevention

Spin It to the Limit

Study of Asthma and Swimming

Summer Fashion Statement

Synthesis of Fluorescent Silica Nanoparticles

Taking Apart Water

Tasty or Deadly

The Dirt on Soap

The Mathematics of Sympathetic Vibrations

The Rhythm of Life

Toward Skeletal Regeneration

Try 'em All Tylenol

Use of Exothermic Reactions

UV Exposure Accelerates Telomere Shortening

Various Modern Chemical Hazards on the Taxis Behavior

Which Diameter String Has the Purest Tone

Wii vs. Real Life

Will a Guitar String Vibrate Forever



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