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Cereal Effects on Blood Glucose

The Objective : To determine if certain cereals or oat meals affect the blood sugars in non-diabetics.


8 different measured cerals or oatmeals with measured milk or water
9 volunteers (all non-diabetics)
Blood sugar meters, alcohol pads, lancets


Each Person tested each cereal at least once or twice
Control - each person obtained 10-12 hour fasting blood sugar
Specified amounts of cereal and milk or water were consumed.
Blood Glucose Measurement performed one hour after the last bite of cereal.
No exercise between the last bite of cereal and the blood glucose measurement.


The best average was a small 4.5 increase in blood glucose for the Cream of Wheat. The worst average blood glucose was a 22.67 increase for Frosted Flakes.

There was no cereal that had a consistent low blood glucose or very high blood glucose effect on each volunteer.


Non-diabetics should be able to regulate their blood glucose independent of the amount or type of cereal consumed. However, I discovered that there were many changes in blood sugars due to the different types of cereals. The "healthy" cereals did not produce the best sugars. There was not one cereal that produced the best sugars for all the volunteers. Examination of complete nutritional facts such as carbohydrates, fats, protein, and calories for each cereal resulted in possible reasons for higher blood sugars. The sugar content alone was not the only indicator to cause high blood sugars.

The Project is to test To determine if certain cereals or oat meals affect the blood sugars in non-diabetics.

Science Fair Project done By Jeremy Fukushima



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