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Healing Power: Past or Present

The Objective : The objective is to determine whether honey or Neosporin have a greater impact on the reduction of bacterial growth.



15 petri dishes divided into thirds, 24 oz. bottle of grade A clover honey, 1 liter of agar, tube of Neosporin Original, 45 cotton swabs, bulb thermometer, medium size Styrofoam cooler, desk lamp, and a 15-watt light bulb.


I conducted three trials of five samples each. I swabbed bacteria onto the agar in my Petri dishes. I then put a drop of honey in one of the sections in each Petri dish and some Neosporin in a different section in each Petri dish. After three days I recorded the results, measuring the amount of bacterial growth within a 4 mm diameter in each of the substances.


I found that within a 4 mm diameter, at the thickest section of both the honey and Neosporin, they both had no bacterial growth.


It turned out that both, Neosporin and honey, had no bacterial growth and did a good job preventing bacteria from growing when measured at their thickest parts.

This project tests whether honey or Neosporin have a greater impact on the reduction of bacterial growth.

Science Fair Project done By Jenna R. McMane



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