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The Dirt on Soap

The Objective : The objective of my project was to find out if antibacterial soap works more effectively at eliminating bacteria than non-antibacterial soap.


Using both the antibacterial and non-antibacterial soaps, I grew bacteria on sterilized petri-dishes with agar.

The materials I used were: antibacterial hand soap, non-antibacterial hand soap, nutrient broth (bacteria food), agar powder(beef extract & gelatin growth medium), petri-dishes, autoclave(pressure-cooker), laminar flow hood, beef broth, latex gloves, incubator, rubbing alcohol, water, beakers, eye-droppers, pipette, spray bottle, and test tubes.


My results showed that there was no difference in the effect of eliminating bacteria between antibacterial and non-antibacterial handsoaps.


My results showed that antibacterial and non-antibacterial soaps had an equal effect. I discovered that "antibacteria" is only a name that makes soaps sell better, because in reality, anitbacterial soaps do not work any better than non-antibacterial soaps at eliminating bacteria.

This project was to determine if antibacterial soap really was any better than regular soap.

Science Fair Project done By Mitzi H. Pierson



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