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How Does Parachute Material Affect Speed


The objective: My obhjective was to determine which parachute made from a common household material would have the closest drop speed to a zero porosity, real parachute material.


Five parachutes were made of identical size and shape.

The first was made of 0 porosity material similar to a real parachute, one was of newspaper, one plastic, one from a t-shirt, and one from a pillowcase.

Each was dropped from 10 feet, 5 trials each.

The drop was timed from when it was released to when it hit the ground.

Using the distance and the average time in the velocity formula, I determined the speed per second.


The plastic bag parachute had the closest drop time to the control. the newspaper and pillowcase parachutes were the next closest, leaving the t-shirt parachute with the largest difference of seconds per foot to the control.


I concluded the plastic bags probably have 0 porosity like the control parachute. It is important to know the porosity of a parachute material because it affects its drop speed.

This project is to test which parachute made from household materials would have the closest drop speed to a real parachute.

Science Fair Project done By Isabelle L.P. Swing



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