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Flying Rats

The Objective : Do seagulls connect people with food?


# Finger Foods

# Recording Log

# Camera

# People (on some tests)

# Brown bags

# Watch


We discovered that seagulls are very lazy and only landed when they saw easily accessible food. For our first test we had no food and no people, and assumingly there was only one to two seagulls that flew by in the course of 30 minutes. For our second test we had only food in brown paper bags.

Unlike our prediction, after around 10 minutes the food was discovered and seagulls rapidly flew in. Within minutes there were around 50 seagulls landed in the quad.

Our third test consists only a small group of people. We noticed that there were about 4 that flew over but most watched and waited on the roof -tops, but once the food was out seagulls began to land.

In 5 minutes there were around twenty seagulls total.


The most surprising test consisted of a large group of people with food (a school day lunch). We predicted that this test would have the most seagulls but we realized that seagull's only land when they know food is easy to get.

There were several seagulls flying around but there fear of people causes them not to land.

Overall our hypothesis was somewhat right, because seagulls do use people as a target for food, yet if people patrol their food, it is probable that no seagull would land to capture your meal.

The project studied if seagulls connect people with food and are testing this by recording if seagulls come when: people have food and brown bags, there are just bags with no food, there are just bags that have food

Science Fair Project done By Courtney Baird



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