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Enhancing the Biomasses of Raphanus Sativus

The Objective : The objective is to determine which manure, chicken, donkey, goat, horse, pheasant, or sheep, has the greatest effect on radishes' biomass.


Each type of manure was composted for two weeks with the same type and amount of ingredients, and then added with potting soil to six separate planting containers.

Sixty radish seeds were then planted among the manure.

All the radishes were harvested after thirty-seven days, and measured for length, mass, and ratio of root to sprout length.


Of the manures, radishes fertilized with sheep produced the longest and most abundant root mass.

However, chicken and pheasant manure grew the radishes with the highest mass and sprout growth.


In conclusion, this project showed that when using manure to fertilize plants, one should base their manure type on whether they want healthy leaf growth above ground, or a large root mass tunneling their soil. From their experiment, I discovered that sheep, chicken, and pheasant manures all contribute to a radish's biomass, given that their individual nutrients benefit different aspects of the plant.

This experiment is about different manures were composted and used to fertilize radishes for later inquiries on the effects of manure on a radish's biomass.

Science Fair Project done By Morgan C. Riggins



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