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Spinning a Web

The Objective : To see if alcohol, caffeine, and cold medicine have an effect on your body. I am going to spray spiders with fluids and observe how they make their web and observe how the webs look after they are finished. I believe that the Sobe adrenaline rush will have the biggest effect because the spider will get energy spurts while making the web.


I sprayed alcohol, caffeine, and cold medicine on each spider and examined how they reacted to the substance. I used cardboard, scissors, a pencil, a ruler, a computer, spiders, and Fruit Flies.

I also used dirt, shovels, branches, SOBE Adrenaline Rush, whiskey, Cold Medicine, cameras, a spray bottle, and crickets.


Sprayed spiders with alcohol and water: The web showed no resemblance of the normal web. Yes, it had the very basics of the normal web, a center point and threads extending from it, but it had no circular action, therefore meaning a hard job to catch diner.

Sprayed the spider with cold medicine and water: This web was almost congruent to the normal web. It was the closest resembles we had.

The only thing that made it different was it had gaping holes all around. Sprayed the spider with Sobe adrenaline rush and water: Hardly a web at all. It looked hardly had any center point.

You had to look hard to see it. This web had threads of silk exploding into every direction and looked beaten and weak.

Sprayed the spider with water: This spider made a normal web. For this was my constant. I sprayed it with water because all spiders need water. I knew it wouldn#t have any affect on the web and it didn#t.


All in all the alcohol had the biggest effect. The adrenaline rush had a big effect too, but the alcohol made the web skimpier and not as sturdy as the Sobe. It goes to show that alcohol can control humans# bodies.

This project tested alcohol, caffeine, and cold medicine to see if they affect our bodies by using spider#s webs as a visual.

Science Fair Project done By Caitlin M. Chrans



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