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Finding the Optimal Wave Height for Maximizing Voltage Generation

The Objective : The purpose of my experiment is to find the optimal wave height for maximizing voltage generation of the oscillating water column (OWC) method for capturing ocean wave energy.


In my experiment, I simulated the OWC by using a marked-off water bottle and plunger to turn a pinwheel connected to a small motor, and measuring the voltage generated using a multimeter.


The resulting data shows that the average voltage generated increased as the plunger depth increased. I concluded that the higher wave heights resulted in higher voltage generation and the shorter wave heights resulted in lower voltage generation.


I learned that the ocean is a great source of power and that environmentalists and scientists are developing new and efficient ways of producing clean energy.

My investigation demonstrates in a simulated format that ocean wave energy generation is a practical way to create power

. Ocean wave energy generation is pollution-free, is relatively inexpensive, and does not harm the environment the way other modern forms of energy generation do, such as nuclear power plants and the use of coal.

This project measures the voltage generation of a model of an ocean wave energy capturing device.

Science Fair Project done By Timothy W. Whitaker



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