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Chemically Altering Hair Could Make It Tear

The Objective : The objective of my project was to test if dying hair effects its strength. Thousands of people dye their hair each day and have no idea what damage that they are causing by altering the color of their hair using chemicals. By dying your hair many risks follow. You can damage your hair, and recently there have been tests done to find if dying your hair can give you blood cancer. This shows how important it is that the public is aware of these dangers.


I tested this by hooking a plastic bag with a paper clip to the hair while the hair is connected to a piece of wood using duck tape, then placing mass in the bag until the hair broke.

I completed 50 trials for the dyed hair and 50 trials for the un-dyed hair.


After completing 100 trials, I came to the conclusion that dying hair effects its strength.

It causes the hair to become weaker.

The average weight held by the dyed hair was 39.7 grams, and 44.4 grams for the un-dyed hair.


After concluding my test I proved my hypothesis to be correct. There was a total of one outlier out of all the data. The project was very controlled and had an obvious conclusion.

This project will be investigating if dying hair effects its strength

Science Fair Project done By D. Marel Dugan



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